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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cat tested...and approved

My goodness, this has been a productive day. The 9:00 meeting I had planned with my attorney didn't pan out so I got to work bright & early finishing my Etsy orders for the day. After a quick trip to the post office and a potato and egg breakfast taco from Rudy's, I was ready to begin my marathon day. It's rare that I do not spend my entire Saturday sewing and/or printing so I was looking forward to catching up on some housework and various projects in preparation for our company next weekend. Andy is in Florida with his parents so I'm home alone and making good use of the time!

The last thing I usually feel like doing when I have some time on my hands is sewing. But since my quest for the perfect pre-made curtain panels turned up nothing, I decided I'd have to make my own. I was so tired of looking at my old curtains (which looked liked I had ripped off of someone's grandmother's wall... or maybe even a hotel?) that I actually didn't mind making them. I hadn't been to Interior Fabrics here in Austin in ages so I was pleased to find something modern and geometrical in the perfect shades of red (apparently called Demilio - Cosmo).

I snagged the coral pillow from Pottery Barn whilst on errand #47 of the day (did I mention I also went to Lowe's and bought ferns for the screen porch and geraniums for the front walk - all of which I replanted in new pots?).

I thought it was a cute little addition to the chair and a nice accent against the new curtains. It's kind of hard to see from the photo but they're little pearls sewn on there - really beautiful!

And finally, I was pleased to see that the curtain panels were cat tested mid-production... and approved. (Sidenote: Is he a fatty, or what? I don't care, I love him anyway)

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The Monroes said...

Those curtains put me in a good mood. I don't blame your cat for wanting to take a little rest on them!

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