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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flower Power

I was doing some online browsing for home decorating inspiration on Friday when I came across fellow Texan Jane Joss on Etsy. Not having much of a green thumb myself, I dig the idea of a fabric plant. Much classier than some of the bad fake plastic plants out there (one of which I finally removed from my mantle on Saturday and tossed - I don't miss you, Target bargain).

Check out her Sweet Leaves Potted Plants:

She's als got some gorgeous fabric branches like this set of three Sweet Leaves - I Heart You Twigs:

I'm not sure if she sews right over the stems to attach the leaves or how it's done - but they certainly are lovely!

And now more beautifully artificial flower power:

Bright Teal Lotus Ring from Fanciful Form:

Charcoal roses from Allen Company Inc:

Red and Blue Flower Garland from reallybadkitty:

Tangerine Flower Power from 2monkees:

Paper Flower cupcake toppers from Millalove

And look how cute Millalove's packaging is:

1 comment:

Ariela Bonen said...

Thank you so much for posting my garland! I love all of your other picks too!

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