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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shabby never looked so chic

I've been working on some new onesie designs lately and I have to say...I am in love with this new shabby chic floral bouquet. I've been testing this design for weeks since it's sewn a little differently than my dog appliqués. I didn't use the zig-zag stitchbecause it's hard to navigate around the small, rounded edges (and I want the flowers to fray slightly on the raw edges). I've definitely had to practice my straight stitch!

I cut each piece of the appliqué with pinking shears to reduce the fraying of the edge (this helps reduce those long, mangy threads) and pre-washed them all. I used a little interfacing on the back of each piece which helped to hold everything in place as I built the flowers. It took a few iterations to get the layering down, but I am so pleased with the end result. I've washed my test onesie four or five times now and it still looks like new.

I just sold my first set last night so I'll be creating the coordinating appliquéd pants.

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