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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fun new fabrics

If we should learn of the end of the world, I am pretty sure I have enough fabric to fashion some sort of a life saving apparatus... I've got us covered. But every now and again I allow myself to give in and order some fun new prints. I had a request for a yellow lab tshirt so while I was ordering some of Heather Bailey's swirly bud fabric in yellow, I picked up a couple more prints from Anna Maria Horner and Alexander Henry. This polka line fabric from Anna Maria Horner is just too cute! I am always looking for more gender neutral prints and this one is simply adorable:

I'm working on a few orders for custom Christmas cards and I am so excited that I finally figured out how to print on 11x17 on my printer. I had no problems before I got my new MacBook last October but the new configurations were a little tricky.
This is good news because it means I can bring back the accordion fold cards, announcements, and invites:

So watch for these in my shop over the next few weeks!

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SumiQ8 said...


I love your work...outstanding!

Some great fun fabrics here:

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