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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The perfect sweets for a diet

So I know I've been a little slow in posting lately but I'm going 1,000 miles an hour trying to wrap things up at work before I head out for a 2 week break. It's officially 6 days and counting until KO and I head out to Ireland and I am starting to feel the last minute travel crunch. Between work, etsy, and trying to find help for our bathroom renovation, it's been a busy few weeks. On top of it all I've recommitted to weight watchers and after two weeks I am finally through "Oh my God I'm hungry and I think I might starve to death" phase.

So while I may not be eating a lot of sweets these days, I do LOVE all of the adorable play cookies and sweets that are being baked fresh daily in shops all across Etsy. I can't wait until my niece Ainsley is old enough to host tea parties because I will definitely sign up to bring the sweets. How fun are these?

The Ultimate Party Favors from Sugar Chic Baby:

Five fortune cookies made of wool felt in a Chinese takeout box from doolittledesign:

Six felt sugar cookies from Moose and Bear:

Play time sugar cookies in a lil bakery box from nanaCompany:

Six Sugar cookie with beautiful gift box from posieandme:

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