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Monday, February 16, 2009

Austin craft scene is getting a little less funky

I can't believe we've lived in Austin for nearly seven years now and I have to say, the city has undergone some serious changes since we first moved here. It's such a charming little city but it's sad to see some of the local businesses moving out to make room for larger chain stores. One of my most favorite little corners of Austin is a "funky fresh boutique set in Austin's hip SoCo neighborhood" called Craft-o-Rama. The owner Hayley Pannone was kind enough to help with some last minute fabric selections before my Martha appearance - She was a real life saver!

Hayley had a baby earlier this year and has decided to close her retail shop so she can spend more time with her new baby. It's sad to see such a fun sewing lounge close its doors and I hope there may a grand re-opening some day.

It looks like they plan to remain open through February so don't miss the final sales on fabric and other goodies.

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