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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mad for Plaid

Happy weekend! I had a fabulous Friday at the AWT Austin Women in Business Conference yesterday. It was nice to be away from the office/computer for the day and I learned tons of great information around new technologies and tips for small business owners.

I am often asked how I started my business and how I learned how to put all of the pieces together. I really wish I had a well-planned answer to that but honestly, it's been rather serendipitous. On the back end of things, I started with a super friendly and helpful accountant (on the recommendation of a friend) who pointed me in the direction of an attorney and I worked out from there. It's all kind of overwhelming but I've found it helpful to bite it all off one piece at a time.

But on to the more fun things... I've been mad for plaid lately on my quest for more manly little baby fabrics. Last Sunday I posted the yellow lab in the red/yellow plaid and I also have the same print in this green/blue/cocoa scheme. How cute is this?

Dachshund onesie and burpcloth set ($28).

I'm off to fill orders ahead of the Saturday mail cut-off!

1 comment:

The Monroes said...

I love this design... now I just need one of my friends to have a baby!

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