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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Lazy Sunday

I was so proud of myself for waking up before 8:30 this morning but the celebration was short lived. After catching up on emails and PostSecret, I went back to bed for a cat nap and didn't get up til after 11. So much for my early start to the day.

Kirby Lane is our favorite weekend breakfast jaunt but the wait is usually at least 45 minutes. I couldn't be bothered to shower this morning so I decided to cook breakfast at home. And thanks to the Central Market green hatch chili salsa, it was muy delicioso. I love the chicken verde omelet at Kirby Lane but my scrambled eggs with salsa came close. I had to improvise with tater tots in lieu of home fries (don't worry, I thawed them and mashed up so as to create the appearance of hash browned potatoes - necessity is the mother of invention, right?).

So it was with a very full stomach that I sat down to work on some of the more gender-neutral designs I've had in production for a couple of weeks now. It's really difficult to find cute but boy-ish fabrics and I've learned that gender acceptability is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to fabric and baby clothes. I tend to be a bit more modern in my taste but to each his own... so I was thrilled to find a few new prints that I plan to get sewn and listed today.

So far I've finished this yellow lab onesie:

and the onesie and burpcloth set:

I think this print will be super cute on the golden retriever silhouette so as soon as I finish the other nine deisgns I have in production, I plan to get that listed as well.

I've got a big project going on at work tomorrow and Tuesday and will be thrilled when it's over. So for today I am going to enjoy my last bit of freedom and get sewing!

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