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Monday, May 4, 2009

Roy Lichtenstein

I am a graduate of the Ohio State University Dept. of Art and still browse the website from time to time to see what great things they're up to (funny, I think the Internet was still just a twinkle in someone's eye when I was in college. Ah, the good ole low-tech days...).

Tonight I discovered an interesting passage from one of my fellow alumnus, Roy Lichtenstein, on the OSU art dept's home page. You may recognize Lichtenstein's pop art, which was heavily influenced by American advertising and comic book style:

Whaam! 1963, On display at Tate Modern in London

So here is the passage:

From the OSU website:
These words, penned in 1949 by our distinguished former student and colleague, Roy Lichtenstein, still evoke the essence what the making of art aspires to be. It also reminds us all of what is required of the people and place that provides the opportunity for creative exploration and artist fulfillment.
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