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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wipe out

I have more fabric than I will ever know what to do with so I am trying to come up with some imaginative ways to clear out some of my stash.

Idea #1: These cute little reusable wipes. Measuring about 8.5" square, these are the perfect wipe-all for just about any surface. They'd be great in the diaper bag or used as a stylish wash cloth. Since I don't have kids I plan on using them for dust rags (I mean, hey - if I have to clean I might as well do it in style!).

Set of 3, $12 in my Etsy shop:

More to come as I clear out my stash!

1 comment:

The Monroes said...

I would love to buy some of these when you get more on! These are already sold out, I will also be getting some more burp cloths.

Let me know when you make more, or I can order them and you can surprise me with fabrics...whatever works best.


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