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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The light at the end of the tunnel

I have been so preoccupied lately with a big work event that's coming up this Thursday and Friday in Ft. Worth. I've been working on this program since April and I can't believe it will all be over on Friday -- I couldn't be more thrilled! All of the details are falling into place and I feel good heading into the last 24 hours of madness.

...So I've been a little distracted and slow to post. But I am happy to share with you a lovely new blog from "a creative girl in love with fashion & interiors." My friend Kim sent me a link to CreateGirl, which is written by the very talented Julieann of Jace Interiors. Julieann was kind enough to blog about my wiener dog onesie when she was a guest blogger on Decor8 back in August. And now I am pleased to share with you her wonderful design blog.

I look forward to Saturday when this whole event/program is behind me. Just in time for the holiday madness! (note to self: get Christmas cards listed in the shop!)

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Creategirl said...

Sorry I am just seeing this now!! How sweet of you to post about my new blog! I have 13...yes 13 baby presents to purchase and your adorable onesie are at the top of my list!
thanks! Julie

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