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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday, Rainy Tuesday

I am pleased to report that the Ryan Adams (er, Cardinals) show last night was fabulous. I've never been to a show by myself but I thoroughly enjoyed it even if I didn't have anyone to talk to. They played for well over 2.5 hours so I was pooped by the time I got home. I think I can officially say I am too old to be out past 9 on a Monday night! At any rate, their new album Cardinology is due out on Ocotber 28th and based on what I heard last night, it should be a good one.

It's a rainy, yucky Tuesday here in Austin and I've been working from home all day. It's pretty depressing. The tile guys were back to grout our bathroom and I am pleased to report we're getting closer to completion. The tub and tile are in and the plumbing is halfway there. We just need to install the sinks, closet doors, trim and paint (not necessarily in that order). Will be very glad to be able to check this off the never-ending home improvement list!

When I was in Dublin at my new favorite store Avoca, I saw this chalkboard:

I remember at the time feeling very lucky to be in Ireland but it's a good reminder to be grateful everyday.... even on the blech, yucky, rainy days. So don't forget to thank your lucky stars.

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