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Monday, August 4, 2008

Exclamation point after enthusiasm

I found Amanda Robicheaux on Etsy today and I think I am so drawn to her work because it reminds me of my former friend and studio mate from OSU - Jodie Boerke Lawrence. Jodie and I lost touch a few years ago but I believe she had a baby last year (congrats!). At any rate, both Amanda and Jodie have similar aesthetics and I love the nod to the exquisite corpse in this piece Exclamation point after enthusiasm - reminds me of intestines or some beautiful portion of innards. It's acrylic on canvas and it would look great in my office.

Here's another piece I quite like - entitled Everything Floats Away:

And finally, here is one of Jodie Lawrence's recent paintings - Entitled Glenwood Avenue, No. 1:

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