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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday night

Sunday nights can be a little depressing at times, but tonight I feel a sense of accomplishment for all that we got done this weekend. We've been chipping away at replacing all of our interior doors and today we finished the remaining 3 bedroom doors (and by we I mean Andy). They're not painted yet - that's my job - but they're in place and trimmed out - and they look fabulous. We also finished the baseboards in our hallway that have been missing a few pieces since April or May (time flies!) when we got our new floors. It's all coming together!

I gave in to my recent obsession with all of the great graphic prints at Pottery Barn and picked up some new throw pillows and a set of nesting end tables in a tomato red:

These tables come in red, orange, and a grass green and they're metal frames with a lacquered wooden top - gorgeous! I almost bought the orange but chickened out when I found the red set and I am glad I used some restraint. Lately I've been feeling like our family room needed a punch of color but I think orange might have been a little too much.

I love the way the tables look with the new throw pillows I got for the couch - it even makes the rug and the lamp more tolerable (I've been meaning to replace them both for months but can't make up my mind).

Nothing like a little punch of red to breathe some new life into your decor.

Well, it's late and I am off to bed before another marathon week...

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