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Friday, August 1, 2008

Super sweet illustrations

The featured seller on Etsy this week is Sarah Jane Studios and her illustrations are absolutely adorable. In the interview, Sarah talks about what first made her want to become an artist:

"I have always been an artist. I think every child is an artist…I just never grew out of it. Some of my earliest memories are following behind my mother at the department store, playing with the little plasticky-thingies that fall down from the hangers. I would make little people out of them, and my mother could shop for hours because I was so content! I was constantly making something out of nothing, and by third grade, I was a self proclaimed artist. I dreamed someday of owning my own 'art shop' and selling my creations. It amazes me that I am following the dreams of my 8 year old self!"

I can definitely relate to this sentiment and I applaud Sarah for remaining true to her inner eight year old. Her work is just lovely:

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