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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

I must really be in need of a 3-day weekend because I keep wishing this week were shorter than it actually is. Is it Friday yet? And will I ever get caught up on orders?

I can't believe how many orders I've filled for Christmas gifts! The holidays have a bad way of sneaking up on me and I swore this year I'd start preparing early. I actually just filled an order of Christmas gift tags. Yikes! I'd better start getting my holiday cards and gift items ready.

I did manage to create some new totes and listed a couple last night/today. The first is this English bulldog in a yummy espresso and light blue damask:

The second is this pug in a pink water lily print (from Sandi Henderson - love her fabrics):

I have several more (including a lab) so now that I just realized Project Runway isn't on, I guess I have no excuse not to get them listed in my shop.

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